Dmytro Kharchenko

Degree: Dr. Sci. in Theoretical Physics (2006) Institute for Single Crystals NAS of Ukraine Professor in Theoretical Physics
Position: Head of the department Modeling of Radiation effects and Microstructure Transformations in Construction Materials (2011 present)
Office address: Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 58 Petropavlovskaya Street, 40000 Sumy, UKRAINE
Office phone: (0038) 0542 22 30 27
Office fax: (0038) 0542 22 37 60
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Field of research:

  • nonequilibrium phase transitions in condensed matter;
  • microstructure transformations in solids;
  • pattern formation at ion-beam sputtering;
  • nano-size pattern formation on surfaces;
  • noise-induced phenomena (phase transitions, phase separation, pattern formation).
  • chaos in complex dynamical systems;
  • multifractal analysis of complex statistical systems
  • non-extensive statistical systems;
  • self-organized criticality;
  • anomalous diffusion;
  • Analytical and numerical investigations.

Recent publications:

  1. D.O.Kharchenko, V.O.Kharchenko, A.I.Bashtova, Ukr.Phys.Jour., Volume 61, Issue 3, 2016, Pages 265-278.
  2. V.O.Kharchenko, D.O.Kharchenko, A.V.Dvornichenko, Thermal effects in nano-sized adsorbate islands growth processes at vapor deposition, Physica A, Volume 444, 2016, Pages 689-699.
  3. D.O.Kharchenko, V.O.Kharchenko, A.I.Bashtova, A study of void size growth in nonequilibrium stochastic systems of point defects, Eur.Phys.J.B, Volume 89, Issue 5, 2016, 123(11).
  4. D.O.Kharchenko, V.O.Kharchenko, A.I.Bashtova, I.O.Lysenko, Patterning and pattern selection in a surface layer: Feedback between point defects population and surface layer temperature variations, Physica A, volume 463, 2016, Pages 152-162.
  5. В. О. Харченко, Д. О. Харченко, С. В. Кохан, В. В. Яновський, А. В. Дворниченко. Формування нанорозмірних структур адсорбату у процесах конденсації з газової фази, Наносистеми, наноматеріали, нанотехнології, 2016, т. 14, № 1, сс. 47–121.
  6. V.O.Kharchenko, D.O.Kharchenko, Xiaoyong Wu, Bang Wen, Lu Wu, Wei Zhang, An atomic scale study of structural and electronic properties for α-Zirconium with single vacancy and vacancy clusters, Металлофизика и новейшие технологии, 2016, т.38, № 9, с. 1195-1212.
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