Recent Publications

  1. В. О. Харченко, В.В. Яновський, А.В. Дворниченко. Формування нанорозмірних структур адсорбату в процесах конденсаціії з газової фази з урахуванням температурних ефектів, Металлофизика и новейшие технологии, 2016, т. 38, № 2, с. 205.
  2. D.O.Kharchenko, V.O.Kharchenko, A.I.Bashtova, Ukr.Phys.Jour., Volume 61, Issue 3, 2016, Pages 265-278.
  3. V.O.Kharchenko, D.O.Kharchenko, A.V.Dvornichenko, Thermal effects in nano-sized adsorbate islands growth processes at vapor deposition, Physica A, Volume 444, 2016, Pages 689-699.
  4. D.O.Kharchenko, V.O.Kharchenko, A.I.Bashtova, A study of void size growth in nonequilibrium stochastic systems of point defects, Eur.Phys.J.B, Volume 89, Issue 5, 2016, 123(11).
  5. D.O.Kharchenko, V.O.Kharchenko, A.I.Bashtova, I.O.Lysenko, Patterning and pattern selection in a surface layer: Feedback between point defects population and surface layer temperature variations, Physica A, volume 463, 2016, Pages 152-162.
  6. В. О. Харченко, Д. О. Харченко, С. В. Кохан, В. В. Яновський, А. В. Дворниченко. Формування нанорозмірних структур адсорбату у процесах конденсації з газової фази, Наносистеми, наноматеріали, нанотехнології, 2016, т. 14, № 1, сс. 47–121.
  7. V.O.Kharchenko, D.O.Kharchenko, Xiaoyong Wu, Bang Wen, Lu Wu, Wei Zhang, An atomic scale study of structural and electronic properties for α-Zirconium with single vacancy and vacancy clusters, Металлофизика и новейшие технологии, 2016, т.38, № 9, с. 1195-1212.
  8. Yu.M.Ovcharenko, S.V.Kokhan, D.O.Kharchenko, Xiaoyong Wu, Bang Wen, Lu Wu, Wei Zhang, A study of atomіc dіsplacements produced in cascades іn irradiated α-Zr by using molecular dynamics simulations, Металлофизика и новейшие технологии, 2016, т.38, № 10, с. 1303-1320.
  9. Медведовская О. Г., Федоренко Т.А., Чепурных Г.К. Особенности состояний фторида кобальта в окрестности критического поля, Физика твёрдого тела, 2016, т.58, №12, с. 2350-2354.
  10. Медведовская О. Г., Соколов С.В., Федоренко Т.А., Чепурных Г.К. До питання про фазові переходи першого роду в ортоферитах, Фізика і хімія твердого тіла, 2016, т.17, №2, с. 193-197.





Welcome to our department the Modeling of Radiation Effects and Microstructure Transformations in Construction Materials (M3-T-RECs) of the Institute of applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Our department was organized at 01/03/2012  from the former Laboratory of Microstructure Research  of Reactor Materials.

Head of the department is Dmitrii O.Kharchenko, Dr.Sci. in theoretical physics

Our research is focused on the study and characterization of radiation effects and microstructure transformations in condensed matter systems far from equilibrium. Studying such phenomena we exploit multi-scale modeling approach  considering a behavior of real systems at different hierarchical levels starting from quantum mechanics and finishing by macroscopic description of materials.

By using ab-initio calculations we study electronic and crystalline structures of materials used in atomic energy and other areas of human activity. With the help of molecular dynamics we consider behavior of defects in crystalline and amorphous systems at elevated temperatures and under irradiation influence (formation of cascades, annealing, ion-beam sputtering).  Within the framework of phase-field-crystals approach we investigate crystallization processes, dynamics of point, linear and planar defects, change of microstructure of irradiated materials, etc. This approach allows us to consider a behavior of the systems on time scales related to diffusion dynamics with taking into account microscopic processes of redistribution of elastic deformations in crystals and length scales related to molecular dynamics. By using kinetic Monte-Carlo approaches we study microstructure transformations and phase separation processes in crystalline systems subjected to irradiation influence. Pattern formation processes of defects (formation of pores, defect walls, grain boundaries) in systems under irradiation fluxes we study by the rate theory describing dynamics of point defects populations. Macroscopic effects of elastic and un-elastic interactions of grains we investigate using elastic theory.  Using such methodology we study self-organization processes in the bulk and at the surface of materials: ion-beam sputtering, formation of nano-islands in condensation processes, growth of pyramidal structures during molecular beam epitaxy.

The main goals of our work are:

  1. Characterization of zirconium alloys and hydrides, structural transformations  in such materials
  2. Dynamics of defects in crystalline systems at elevated temperatures.
  3. Microstructure transformations in crystalline systems and dynamics of defects of different dimensions
  4. Understanding of behavior of crystalline systems with magnetic properties
  5. Understanding diffusion processes on grain boundaries, studying dynamics and morphology of islands of new phase
  6. Pattern formation at the surface during ion-beam sputtering, molecular beam epitaxy
  7. Nano-size pattern formation at condensation in systems with interacting adsorbate

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